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Electric kayak eMogi Aluki R

Model:  ALUKI R 


Price from 6.865 EUR (battery not included)

Price depends on choice of material and battery 

Help line: +420 731 804 995

  • Speed up to 20 km/h *
  • 1 kW motor, 24 V
  • Lion acummulators (20 Ah, 40 Ah, 48 Ah, 56 Ah, 60 Ah or 84 Ah)
  • 240V / 12A Charger
  • Paddle with remote thurst controls / Controler knob
  • Safety magnetic key
  • LED display
  • Fully adjustable upholstered seat and backrest
  • Adjustable feet pegs
  • Bow (battery) and stern chatches
  • Composite materials of your choice  (Aeroglass/carbon/kevlar, Full carbon-Airex, Full-carbon/honeycomb, Kevlar/carbon-Airex
  • Custom RAL colors
  • Weight from 22 kgs incl. battery
  • Folding propeller + Spare prop blades + 3D Print data for the blades
  • Each ekayak is order handcrafted in Czech republic

Scope of supply: eMogi ALUKI electric kayak, paddle with remote control buttons, battery as per customers choice, safety magnetic kill switch, magnetic key for stern hatch, spare propeller blades (1 pair), 3D print data for the propeller blades, user manual

Speed and range data are influenced by several factors – especially passenger weight, water surface, temperature and current, wind intensity, paddling, etc.

* The higher the speed, the greater the consumption and the reduced range by about half

Video – eMogi electric kayaks

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