Electric Kayak eMogi Aluki

eMogi electric kayak

A revolution in kayaking is approaching with our patented integrated electric drive and wireless controller on the paddle.

The eMogi Electric Kayak start-up was initially established for the purpose of navigating rivers against the current, as well as gaining independence from two different vessel transport means. Our kayak will increase your range of activities as well as your time spent on the water.

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    Easy control

    Remotely wireless technology by push-buttons on the paddle.

    3 speed levels.

    Stepless speed adjustment via on-board potentiometer.

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    1000 W input

    Gear ratios may be configured according to the customer’s preferences as to greater range or higher speed (model Aluki R)

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    Speed & Range

    Speeds up to 20 Km/h

    Range up to 100 Km

  • Icon battery

    Li-Ion battery

    Capacity: 932 – 1842 Wh

    Voltage: 22.2 V

    Battery life up to 23 hours

    Charging: cca 4 – 7 hrs

eMogi rescue electric kayak

Wide range of possible uses

Recreational kayaking • Boat rentals • Outdoor trips • Sporting activities and exercise • Fishing • Emergency responders • Accompanying, towing & search vessel, etc.

The electric kayak is eco-friendly and quiet, and can be used in areas where combustion engines cannot be employed. Allows rapid movement on bodies of water even to persons with limited physical abilities, opening up new possibilities to various age and performance groups.

  • eMogi electric kayak dimensions


    Length: 323 cm

    Width: 70 cm

    Height: 50 cm

  • Icon weight

    Weight & load

    Min. weight: 25 Kg

    Max load: 130 Kg

    Storage space: 40 l

  • Icon rescue


    Very stable – vessel stability level 5.

    Safety device which cuts off the engine when the kayaker falls off the vessel.

  • Icon service

    Service & repairs

    We provide authorized warranty and post-warranty service and repairs.

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